Singing Competition 2019

On 2nd August we organized a singing competition at Nirmal Jyothi ITI. The judges for the competition were from Loyola PU College namely Mr. Lazar, Ms. Swetha and Mr. John. We had 3 rounds of singing. The theme of the 1st round was ‘NATURE’, 2nd round was themed on Patriotic song and the 3rd round was Solo patriotic song. All the students participated in one round or the other. All were filled with the bliss of freedom through their singing and everyone including Judges were excited. It was a tough job for judges to decide the winner but they successfully announced the winner at the end. The Judges expressed their appreciation, joy, best wishes for the students. Our programme ended up by thanking the judges by Ms. Arogya Kumari the group leader of Marian group.