Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi 2019

Year after year, 2nd October revives the memory of MAHATMA GANDHI the father of our nation. The life ideals and contribution of Bapu, makes us bow our heads in reverence and humility. On 5th October 2019 Nirmal Jyothi ITI celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji.

Students of Laura Group conducted a special assembly to mark the day. Power point presentation followed by a poem depicted his sacrifice and the role he played in laying a strong foundation of gaining independence from the British. The thought of the day was about the idea of non-violence which is the backbone of Gandhi’s ideals and teachings. After a brief life history of the Mahatma, his Satyagraha Movement was explained in detail. The students performed the dance drama, “Gandhi”. They beautifully depicted the three phases of his life-childhood, realization of the purpose of his life and his leadership to free his country.

As the event moved towards its closure Principal, Sr. Dayana explained the importance of following Gandhian values in life, for they lead us towards peace and prosperity of all forms. She also emphasized on benefits of virtues like honesty, simplicity, non-violence, etc. We wish that the children evoke the Gandhi within.