Cultural Extravaganza 2018

The annual cultural extravaganza is eagerly awaited and celebrated event at Nirmal Jyothi every year by both staff and students. This fest was held on the 31 of January to mark the founder’s day. On the first half of the day the students had a meaningful prayer animation and skit based on the life of St. John Bosco the Founder of Salesian Congregation. The notice boards were decorated with the various inspirational quotes from the life of the saint.

In the second half of the day the students were all set with various events. The events included cooking without fire, Rangoli, fancy dress and advertisement presentation competitions. The occasion was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and the hours of practice were very evident in the polished performances. People who had never participated in the arts before found it exciting and rewarding, finding a side of themselves they did not think existed. The Judges Sr. Elsa,Ms. Mariam, and Ms.Laveena congratulated the staff and students for all the interest and effort they had put in to bring out such performance. It did help all the participants in Time Management and Prioritizing, Exploring Diverse Interests, Making a Contribution, Building Self-Esteem, Setting Goals, and Teamwork. Principal Rev.Sr. Dayana congratulated all the participants and urged everyone to keep the spirit going and growing. She concluded with the famous quote of Don Bosco “ Run, Jump, Play and make all the merry you want, but do not commit sin.