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Welcome to Nirmal Jyothi ITI

Nirmal Jyothi - an institute with a difference indeed a bright Jyothi that kindles its light in every one who enters here, spreading a passion for God and a passion for humanity. Here in formal and informal Education merge together, curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities blend in unison emerging a family - like atmosphere where in the young girls absorb and assimilate all that is needed to be a mature citizen who can play the role of a loving friend, faithful wife, a loving mother and a loyal , committed, responsible person. Come and See! the Cat Walk of the Fashion Designers with the SMART Computer students and the Graphic Designers and the rest of the other too.

Sit and enjoy! Under the green pavilion spread out all around Nirmal Jyothi, making it indeed a Nirmal atmosphere. Read and Realize what is Nirmal Jyothi in our Web-details!

Sr. Rosy M. A