Exhibition 2019

On 27th September a workshop was held for the students of “Fashion Designing’ on the theme ‘Artist in me’ by the ‘Fevicryl Company’. They were introduced to the work of artists, and designers which developed their appreciation of the richness of our cultural heritage. The students were trained in Warli designs, Tikuli Art, Kalamkari Photo Frame, Shoe paintings, Kurti button, Pendant and earring making, Madubani folder making, Mural clay art, chopping board art, Jewellery art. During workshops students responded to and evaluated works of art. They learnt to recognise ways in which objects reflect the time and place in which they were made. Workshops included practical sessions where they prepared their favourite objects in the galleries which were then developed into a public workshop.

During the project the student’s confidence greatly increased. They made the most of their abilities, frequently exceeding expectations.

We believe that this unique learning experience will have a lifelong impact on all the students. They have improved self - esteem and confidence whilst having developed a greater curiosity and perseverance and other life skills. This project proved to be a resounding success, benefiting those it had intended to target.

At the completion of the workshop the students of Fashion Designing put up and exhibition which was inaugurated by Mr. Kotresh. He appreciated and congratulated the students for the beautiful handworks and designs prepared by students and wished them all the best in their endeavour.